15Kw Pyramid Flame Tower


The only 15kw model available!

Product Description

This is the only 15kw flame tower available across UK, Ireland & Europe and is very similar to the more common 13kw heater with a greater heat output.

  • Simple-to-use temperature controller
  • Wheeled, ease-to-move base
  • Replaceable quartz glass tube for flame protection

This 15kW patio heater comes with a 27mm clip-on propane regulator and a hose, plus a weather cover. Standing at 2.27m tall, this towers above the average person, and stays sturdy and secure thanks to a 52cm x 52cm base. The heater requires a patio gas cylinder either 7kg or 11kg obtainable from most service stations & hardware stores.

Please note that this 15kW stainless steel gas patio heater is sold flat-pack. All required tools are included.


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