Bosch B/I Fridge/Freezer 177x54


Dimension and installation
Dimensions: 177.2 cm H x 54.1 cm W x 54.8 cm D

Product Description

The spacious built-in fridge-freezer combination with LowFrost provides optimal food storage and ice formation is significantly reduced.

The extra-large drawer offers plenty of space for storing fruits and vegetables.
Supports optimal air circulation and guarantees a constant temperature level in the cooling area. LowFrost: defrost less often thanks to lower ice formation - saves work and is energy-efficient. BigBox frozen food drawer: for stacking storage containers or for large frozen food items.
LED lights bring a completely new lighting concept to fridges

Design features
LED electronic control
Super Cooling: No
SuperFreezing function with automatic deactivation
Acoustic alarm
5 safety glass shelves in fridge compartment of which 4 are height adjustable
1 removable door storage compartments.
4 door bins

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