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Broil King Royal 340 BBQ


Broil King Royal 340 BBQ

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The Broil King Royal 340 offers the next step up from the Gem, with an enclosed cabinet and cast iron cooking grids it offers the same cooking area and output as the Monarch, but all from a single but powerful burner.

Heavy duty cast Aluminium roasting hood and cook box, chrome painted side shelves (one with 2.7kW side burner) and large warming rack makes this barbecue not only look the part but also offers outstanding cooking.

• 8.8kW main burner output
• 2.7kW side burner output
• 3 Stainless Dual-Tube burners (5 year warranty)
• 3,243 sq cm cooking area including warming rack
• 2,130 sq cm primary cooking area
• Heavy duty cast iron cooking grids
• Stainless steel Flav-r-Wave