The Carri Chef BBQ/plancha combo comes with the new BBQ/Plancha top: half BBQ, half plancha. Also included are a pot stand and a dome with thermometer. More tops are available as optional accessories.

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Product Description

The Carri Chef 2 is an easy to build, easy to use, easy to clean and simple to store outdoor barbecue. The powerful round stainless steel burner with piezo ignition offers finely adjustable temperature control ensuring consistent results on the grill. Lid off for grilling, lid on for in-direct oven type cooking. The dome has a thermometer which allows you to oven roast, smoke meats, steam or bake with confidence.


  • Height93 cm
  • Width70 cm
  • Depth70 cm

Technical info

  • Approximate weight10.5 Kg
  • Total heat output3.7 kW
  • Total average gas consumption270 g/h
  • Average operating pressure28-37/50 mBar


  • Article number8910-80

Burner system

  • Automatic piezo ignition
  • Variable heat setting

Cooking area

  • ø 46 cm - BBQ/Plancha
  • ø 46 cm - Pot Stand
  • ø 47 cm - Dome

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