Nexus SE 110 Dual Fuel

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Product Description

The Nexus SE from Rangemaster offers a contemporary style cooker that delivers performance and scores high on its sleek design. The model boasts a range of features which distinguishes the Nexus SE, making it unique to the range. You cater for every occasion with its two large capacity ovens and dedicated slow cook oven.

  • Improved glide-out grill™ with 4-way trivet
  • Diamond turned aluminium rotary controls
  • Chrome tubular handles
  • Large modern windows
  • Large Multifunction oven featuring 7 functions and Rapid Response™
  • Large Fan oven
  • Separate slow cook oven
  • 3 button timer
  • Spacious hob featuring 5 zones and a Multi-zone griddle
  • Cast Iron pan supports
  • New plinth design branded Rangemaster
  • New Catch-rite™ door fixture - All doors are now fitted with the new all stainless steel door catch. A superior mechanism that under testing shows longevity of over 50 years
  • All Rangemaster range cookers have Steadfast™ pan supports as standard. Eliminating wobble and potential spills, Steadfast™ is only available on Rangemaster
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