Sahara 13kw Heat Focus Gas Outdoor Patio Heater


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Product Description

  • Large aluminium reflector for better heat distribution along with 'Heat Focus' for total control and efficiency
  • Anti tilt and flame failure cut-off switch for safety
  • No pilot light - fast ignition (piezo) and no potential pilot blockage
  • Weighted base for extra stability
  • Durable oven baked powder coating
  • Wheels fitted for easy mobility
  • Dimensions - Diameter 865mm x Height 2250

    Product Description

    The Sahara 13kW heat focus patio heater is perfect for keeping you and your guests comfortable and warm while You enjoy entertaining outdoors. we have a unique feature to our Sahara patio heater range. Our revolutionary heat focus reflector directs all the heat exactly where you need it. All you have to do is simply adjusting the heat focus handle. This gives you a wider and more comfortable spread of heat. Since you are directing all the heat where it’s needed you can turn the heater setting down and reduce gas consumption with variable heat control, you are always in charge. Adjust the settings to suit your particular needs – whether you have a large crowd or a party of two. the instant ignition system (with electronic starter) ensures a large spark that is always in the right spot for perfect ignition each time. For your safety We have fitted extra features such as an anti-tilt switch and flame failure devices. You can also weight The base for extra stability and the wheels make it easy to move around your patio. there is also a storage area for your gas cylinder which clasps shut keeping the sleek look and shape to the heater.

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