Sahara Heat Focus Patio Heater 13kw Stainless Steel


  • Tilt switch safety feature - if your heater was to fall over, this feature ensures that the flames will cut out, preventing any accidents, making this a family friendly patio heater
  • Flame failure safety - if the flame fails to ignite, the gas is cut off
  • Easy to store - transport wheels make your heater mobile and easy to move when not in use

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Product Description

The Sahara 13kw patio heater is perfect for keeping you and your guests warm and comfortable during your outdoor entertaining evenings. The revolutionary heat focus reflector directs all heat exactly where you want it, by simply adjusting the heat focus handle

  • Wheels – extra wide wheels fitted for easy mobility
  • Variable heat control – adjust the settings to suit your needs
  • Extra wide reflector – improved burner wind protection and efficiency
  • Hose and propane regulator included
  • Dimensions: 2250 x 856mm
  • kW rating: 13
  • Weight: 33kg
  • Ignition: Electronic ignition system
  • Reflector diameter: 865mm
  • Gas type: Propane