Vitesse Arc Trim CF

Arc Trim finishes: 

Lacquered Brushed Stainless, Noir, Phosphorus

Outer Frame finishes for Arc Trim

Lacquered Brushed Stainless, Satin Black



      • CONTROLS: Manual, 2 Button. High Level, 3 Button Fully Sequentiall or Fully Sequential Remote Control
      • Efficiency Class 1, 88% Net (Natural Gas) Energy Efficiency Class C
      • Efficiency Class 1 86.4% Net (Propane) Energy Efficiency Class D
      • HEAT OUTPUT: 4.44kW (Natural Gas) // 4.17kW (Propane)
      • VENTILATION: Not required
      • INTERIOR: Plain Black
      • FUEL BED: Coal effect
      • FLUE TYPE: Class 1 or 2, Pre-Cast

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Product Description

Vitesse CF Hole in the Wall model with Brushed Stainless Arc Trim and Satin Black Outer Frame

Simplicity is the key to great design and the Arc Trim exemplifies this beautifully! It uniquely manages to combine both contemporary looks and a traditional feel. The Vitesse CF with the Arc Trim will give you the highest efficiency glass fronted fire with the best of design.

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