Gas BBQs Buying Guide

    Barbecuing is a great way to enjoy being outdoors and a fun way to get the family together. Choosing a gas barbecue means you get all the fun without the fuss of charcoal and ash, and there’s a great range of options, so it’s easy to find the best barbecue for your needs. To help you decide we’ve put together a guide to choosing the best gas bbq.

    How often will I be using my gas bbq?

    Wondering which bbq to buy? If you’re hoping to use your bbq regularly, then it’s worth investing in a top of the range model — it will last longer and have more features to allow you to cook a variety of dishes. For more casual users, a smaller, portable model may be sufficient.

    How many people will you be cooking for?

    The cooking area on a gas bbq is measured in cm² and it’s the size of the cooking area that indicates how many people you can cater for. Here’s a rough guide

    • Up to 4 people – 1800cm²
    • Up to 6 people – 2000cm²-2500cm²
    • Up to 8 people – 2500cm²

    Why choose a gas barbecue?

    There’s a host of benefits to cooking on gas:

    • Instant cooking

    Simple start-up thanks to push-button ignition means your culinary adventures can be underway in as little as ten minutes.

    • Flexibility

    Some models feature multiple burners, so you can cook a range of foods, even if they need different cooking temperatures.

    • Maximum control, minimum fuss

    It’s easy to regulate the temperature, so there’s less risk of burning your bangers, and no charcoal ash means cleaning up is simple and speedy

    More advanced models have extra features too, like flavouriser bars that ensure that char-grilled taste or side burners and warming racks to help with keeping all your grilled goodies warm.

    How safe are gas bbqs?

    Used correctly gas bbqs are a safe and fun way to enjoy delicious meals outdoors. As with any cooking appliance, there are a few precautions that you need to follow.

    • Before using your bbq check the gas bottle and hose are in good repair, and that the hose is securely attached.
    • When you change your gas bottle, be sure you’re away from any source of ignition. Always change gas bottles outdoors
    • Make sure children and pets are away from the cooking area – you don’t want Fido burning his nose trying to snaffle a sausage
    • Be sure that any fat or oil is removed from the bbq, hose and gas bottle before storage
    • Ensure your bbq is cool before you move it
    • Never use a bbq indoors, in a tent or under a marquee

    With basic precautions, any type of gas barbecue is a safe and efficient way to cook dinner for two or to feed a crowd, and the range of models available means your bbq meals can be as simple or as fancy as you like.

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