Heaters & Fires Buying Guide

    Which heater or fire should I buy?

    Choosing the right way to heat your home is vital, and there are a number of options and factors to consider. For instance, energy efficiency and safety will play a big part in helping you make your decision. Before you start your search it's vital to measure the room you'll be heating, so you can be sure you're choosing the most efficient option for your space, and that the appliance will operate safely.

    Electric fires and electric stoves

    When asking “which electric fire should I buy?” the first consideration has to be location. Do you like the idea of a wall-mounted fire, or would you prefer a recessed fire, designed to emulate a traditional coal fire. If your home lacks a fireplace, you can easily recreate the look of one with a freestanding electric fire that simply fits against the wall.

    If you long for the rustic charm of a woodburning stove but don’t fancy the effort of chopping logs and cleaning grates, then an electric stove has all the appeal without the fuss. When thinking about location, you’ll need to be sure there’s an electrical socket nearby — the average cable length is 1.5 metres.

    Gas fires

    The real flame look of a gas fire is endlessly appealing, and they’re a popular option for many householders. Combine this with the convenience of instant on-off heat and it’s no wonder gas fires are a popular choice. There are a few things to consider when deciding if this is the option for you.

    Ventilation and flue

    Many gas fires need a proper flue, and it’s important to be sure that the room where the fire will be is suitable. If you don’t have a chimney don’t despair, there are options such as balanced flue fires that can be used without. Many gas fires have a minimum space that the fire can be safely used in, and it's vital that you check this before making your purchase.

    Year-round appeal

    When thinking about your new gas fire, be sure that you like the look of it when it’s not lit — you’ll only be using it for part of the year after all. You can choose a traditional style, that echoes the appearance of a cosy coal fire, or something more contemporary that works in a modern setting.

    Gas heaters

    When you’re thinking about which gas heater to buy consider how it will be used. Are you looking for a simple portable space heater that will heat a large area with minimum fuss? Perhaps you need something that will be a permanent feature, echoing a Provençale type stove for looks and style. Gas heaters give you on the spot warmth and give you maximum control over your heating bills.

    Multifuel stoves

    Multifuel stoves are designed to burn wood and smokeless coal and are a wonderful way to create a cosy feeling in any home. These are the main things to consider when asking yourself which multifuel stove should I buy.

    • Is your home in a Smoke Control zone
    • What type of fuel is easiest for you to buy
    • How much money do you want to spend on fuel and maintenance

    Having a multifuel stove gives you flexibility, especially if you can’t be sure of a steady supply of dry seasoned wood. Modern multifuel stoves have a host of features designed to make maintenance simple and keep your stove running efficiently and you may find spending a little more at the outset saves you cash in the long term.

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