Washing Machine Buying Guide

    Which washing machine should I buy?

    A washing machine is a household essential, and when searching for which one to choose, you’re likely to find a host of answers. With so many options, it can all feel a bit confusing, but thinking about a few common factors will help you decide on the best washing machine for you and your household.

    Where will my washing machine be situated?

    The answer to this question affects many factors in the decision-making process, so knowing where your machine will go is the first thing to think about. It’ll help you pinpoint what’s important, such as whether you need a super quiet machine or something that can be integrated to be part of a fitted kitchen.

    Do I need a washing machine with a large drum?

    If you have a family or prefer to do your laundry just once or twice each week, then you’ll find a large drum is a real boon. As a guide, an 8kg drum works well for a family of four, and a 9kg drum will happily hold a king-sized duvet. If you have a smaller load, don’t worry — a large drum just means more space so clothes get a thorough clean. It’s preferable to have a capacity slightly larger than you need, rather than risk overloading the machine, which will shorten its life.

    What options are there for quick wash programs?

    A good quick wash program is invaluable for those times when you’re in a hurry. Many quick wash programs allow you to wash a load in as little as 15 minutes. If you choose a machine with a high spin speed option (1400rpm+) then you’ll cut down on drying time too.

    Do I need all these different settings?

    The various programmes on a washing machine are designed to offer the best possible care for your clothes. As a minimum, settings for delicates and wool mean you can be sure you’ll be able to clean a good range of fabrics without having to resort to handwashing. Some machines have specialised programmes for sportswear and offer innovative methods of cleaning that maximise the amount of oxygen in the water, allowing detergent to penetrate the fabric more effectively. Eco settings will help you save money and reduce our impact on the planet, so it’s always worth looking for a machine that offers these options.

    What’s the best way to save money on my washing machine?

    While we all love a bargain, the best washing machine for saving money isn’t always the cheapest. investing a little more in a washing machine will save you money in the long run. Many high-quality machines have features such as drum cleaning that will help extend the life of your machine and offer extended guarantees on frequently replaced parts such as the motor. Look out for features that reduce the amount of water, energy and detergent that you need too so that the cost of running your machine is kept as low as it can be.

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