Fridge/Freezer Buying Guide

    Which fridge or freezer should I buy?

    Just about every home in the UK has a fridge and a freezer for preserving and storing food, but it's actually quite a confusing market to navigate. Not only are there plenty of options for the style of the appliances you choose, there are also all kinds of considerations from economy to size, as well as optional extras. Let's take a look at how to decide.

    Which fridge should I buy?

    If you're on the hunt for a separate refrigerator, the most commonly found type on the market is the larder fridge. This is a simple refrigerator cabinet available in a variety of sizes and built to a variety of economic specifications, all the way from A+++ down. Depending on your price range you can find fridges of just about any capacity, though the cheaper they are the less economical they tend to be, so it's a good idea to see if you're really saving over the long term.

    If you only need a small amount of food kept below zero, you can find larder refrigerators with separate freezer compartments inside them. These tend to be a good option for people with limited space, or as a smaller add-on to a home with a large freezer.

    Similarly, freezers are available in a variety of sizes and with different levels of economy depending on their price. The largest chest freezers can be up to 21 cubic feet in capacity, while there are desk freezers available that can comfortably sit on a kitchen surface, depending on how much food you plan to store. For kitchen use, upright or box freezers are usually the best option. They can be accessed from above and take up little space while maximising storage. Chest freezers are usually too large for kitchen use, but are perfect for use in garages if there is even more food to be stored.

    Should I buy a fridge freezer?

    For most families who need a bit of freezer space and a bit of fridge space, a combined fridge freezer is usually the best choice. Once again these can be purchased in a variety of sizes and levels of economy, including integrated, side to side and top and bottom varieties. Not only do these provide as much storage as you would usually need, they're also economical with space in the average kitchen if you don't have anywhere else to place appliances. Fridge freezers are also better for the environment, as both units comply to the same standards. Unless you need extra space for more food, it's the obvious choice for most people.

    What options are there?

    Alongside the different types of appliance, each unit can be customised with other options to make your life easier. Common features include frost free or auto-defrosting, so you don't have to periodically remove the ice built up inside, while antibacterial and fast freeze options also exist for extra hygiene. For even more customisation, custom shelving and compartments can be added to suit your lifestyle, such as wine racks, bigger veg compartments, egg drawers or shallow drawers for storing milk.

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