Sievert Promatic Roofing Gas Blow Torch (10m Hose)


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Product Description

The Sievert Promatic range of gas blow torches are the most complete and advanced system in our range. The patented piezoelectric ignition, universal handle, range of accessories, advanced design and ergonomic appearance make Promatic a world-beating system for all possible heating tasks where efficiency and professional workmanship are the most important requirements.

A professional powerful roofing torch kit ideal for drying, bitumen laying, detail and field torching, preheating before welding, melting snow/ice and other heat demanding applications.


Sievert Promatic Roofing Gas Blow Torch (10m Hose) Specification

Burner diameter ∅ mm 60mm
Gas Consumption, g/h at 2 bar 8000
Effect, kW 102
Neck tube length mm 600mm
Ignition Type Piezo
Fail Safe Control Type Dead mans handle (release the lever and the flame goes out)
Valve Type Needle Valve
Hose length 10 Metres
Regulator type High Pressure Propane screw-in
Regulator pressure (bar) 4 bar


Key Features

Sievert Promatic Roofing Gas Blow Torch (10m Hose) Features

  • Automatic ignition - guaranteed for 30 000 ignitions
  • Trigger on/off function - no waste of LP gas
  • Bayonet fitted burners - quick change
  • Swivel hose nipple - avoid hose drag
  • Precise flame adjustment valve
  • Load relieving trigger system
  • Unique patented ignition system
  • Ergonomic and modern design
  • Works in all weather conditions
  • Wide range of burners for all applications
  • 3366 Sievert Promatic Handle
  • 3353 Sievert Promatic Roofing Burner
  • 10 Metres of hose
  • 0.35 - 4 bar Adjustable Propane Regulator
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