Sievert Pro 86 Cyclone Gas Blow Torch Kit


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Product Description

The Sievert Pro 86 Cyclone Gas Blow Torch Kit is a professional and powerful torch kit, ideal for plumbers who are welding and brazing continuously.

It comes complete with a 3524 19mm cyclone burner and neck tube, 3486 handle, 4m hose and a 0.5-4 bar propane gas regulator.


Sievert Pro 86 Cyclone Gas Blow Torch Kit Specification

Burner diameter ∅ mm 19mm
Gas Consumption, g/h at 2 bar 240
Effect, kW 3.1
Soft soldering about 400°C Max pipe diameter ∅ mm 50mm
Brazing up to 720°C Max pipe diameter ∅ mm 18mm
Hose length 4 Metres
Regulator type High Pressure Propane screw-in
Regulator pressure (bar) 0.5-4bar


Key Features

Sievert Pro 86 Cyclone Gas Blow Torch Kit Features

  • All components are carefully chosen to guarantee long service life
  • Ergonomically designed handle
  • Works in all weather conditions
  • Wide range of burners available
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