Blue Belle Chic 4.2kW Blue Flame Portable Gas Cabinet Heater


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Product Description

Keep warm in style this winter with the elegant Blue Belle Chic 4.2kW!
This portable blue flame gas heater is perfect for creating a cosy atmosphere indoors without ever compromising on safety and design.

Easy to light, thanks to the rotary control and the battery-powered electronic ignition, it is also equipped with a special compartment for the gas bottle. A perfect fit for any home, even the most modern and sophisticated, this portable gas cabinet heater is highly mobile and can be moved anywhere without effort.

Made in Italy with the highest European quality standards and certification, the Blue Belle Chic 4.2kW features a Flame Failure Device that automatically stops the gas flow when the flame is extinguished to ensure no unlit gas can escape. An Oxygen Depletion System that shuts off the gas supply if the oxygen levels in the room drop to 18% is also fitted.

Hose and butane gas regulator included.

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