Bosch PPQ7A6B90 FlameSelect Gas Hob


  • Hob Type - Gas
  • Control Type - Dial
  • No. Of Cooking Zones - 5
  • FlameSelect - Adjust the gas flame precisely using nine defined levels
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Product Description

With a black tempered glass finish that can sit either flush or slightly raised against your worktop, the PPQ7A6B90 Gas Hob from Bosch will look the part in any kitchen, while helping you achieve expert cooking results.

Perfect for juggling the different components of your dish, this smart hob boasts 5 versatile burners with continuous cast iron pan supports for added stability as well as style. It features a high-speed burner, an economy burner and 2 regular burners, as well as Bosch's DualWok burner that delivers both extra high power and gentle heat for simmering. It also comes with a FlameSelect function that allows you to adjust the flame in 9 graduations, bringing extra precision and flexibility to the kitchen.

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