Sahara 15kW Heat Focus Patio Heater


Enjoy the warmth and comfort of your garden with the reliable Sahara Patio Heater.

Product Description

Sahara 15kW Patio Heater is beautifully designed. Featuring the unique heat focus reflector which allows you to direct heat where you need it. The large reflector gives a wide spread of even heat and would make an ideal addition to any garden.

  • Extra large reflector parasol
  • Double wall & insulated burner
  • Heat focus feature
  • Innovative, parabolic heat focus feature
  • Deep & wide reflector for improved heat distribution and wind protection for the burner - 980mm diameter
  • Double wall, insulated burner for improved efficiency and durability
  • Either stainless steel construction or high quality steel pre-treatment
  • Heavy duty powder coating ensures excellent durability
  • Variable heat settings- Safety anti-tilt shut off switch- Flame failure shut off switch
  • 2 Year guarantee and customer support helpline
  • Wheels fitted
  • Suitable for commercial use.
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