Vitesse Royal CF

    • Frame options:Brushed Stainless frame, Satin Black frame

      Choice of open louvres or built-in hood above the viewing window

      Optional Trims (to go over frame):

      Black/Brushed Stainless Silhouette Trim, Black/Polished

      Stainless Silhouette Trim, Black/Brass Silhouette Trim

      Polished Stainless Flat Trim, Brass Flat Trim


      Frets (to suit The Vitesse CF Royale):

      Horizon Chrome, Horizon Brushed, Horizon Antique,

      Horizon Black, Traditional Brass/Black (18”),

      Traditional Chrome/Black (18”)



      • CONTROLS: Manual, 2 Button. High Level, 3 Button Fully Sequentiall or Fully Sequential Remote Control
      • Efficiency Class 1, 88% Net (Natural Gas) Energy Efficiency Class C
      • Efficiency Class 1 86.4% Net (Propane) Energy Efficiency Class D
      • HEAT OUTPUT: 4.44kW (Natural Gas) // 4.17kW (Propane)
      • VENTILATION: Not required
      • INTERIOR: Plain Black
      • FUEL BED: Coal effect
      • FLUE TYPE: Class 1 or 2, Pre-Cast

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Product Description

The Vitesse CF Royale is suitable for most flue types including some pre-cast flues. Available for use with either Natural Gas or Propane, and with no less than four control options, versatile describes this fire perfectly! With a wide range of finishes and frets, the Vitesse CF Royale is the ideal fire when looking for traditional styling combined with the latest technology and glass fronted efficiency.

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