Sievert 2943 Power Gas Blow Torch Burner


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Product Description

Heavy-duty light weight power burners with extremely strong and windproof flames to withstand the severest weather conditions. For this kind of work we recommend handle 3488 with gas saving pilot flame and trigger operation for instant switching between pilot and main flame.


Sievert 2943 Power Gas Blow Torch Burner Specification

Burner No 2943
Burner diameter Ø mm 35mm
Effect kW 43.5 kW
Gas Consumption @ 4 bar 3350gm/hr
Working pressure 4 bar


Key Features

Sievert 2943 Power Gas Blow Torch Burner Features

  • Ideal for drying, bitumen laying, detail and field torching, preheating before welding, melting snow/ice and other heat demanding applications.
  • For connection to Sievert Pro necktubes.
  • Recommended working pressure 4 bar.
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